1. What are the ingredients in your cookies?
    Flour, sugar, REAL butter, eggs, REAL vanilla. Royal icing consists of icing
    sugar, water, meringue powder, REAL vanilla and food coloring.
  2. Are your cookies made in a nut free kitchen?
    The facility where these cookies are made does have peanut butter on site.
  3. What flavors do you offer?
    Currently vanilla sugar cookies, but we are looking to expand our flavors!
  4. How long do the cookies last?
    Each cookie is individually heat sealed for maximum freshness. Extensive
    testing has been done (thanks Doug!), and after three weeks, still yummy and
  5. Can I freeze the cookies?
    Our cookies freeze beautifully and taste amazing when thawed! Instructions are
    provided with each order.
  6. What is your order lead time?
    12-24 hours for Birthday cookies, printed cookies everyday cookies and naked cookies
    48 hours for Do It Yourself Cookie Kits and Paint a Cookie; Eat a Cookie
    24-48 hours for Logo and photo cookies
    4 weeks for custom hand piped orders.
    Our calendar fills up quickly so the more time the better!
  7. Where do I pick up my order when its ready?
    The address for contactless pickup will be emailed to you after all the details are
    finalized. You will receive an email a couple of days prior to pickup confirming
  8. Do You Ship?
    We have on the rare occasion, it is something we are looking at offering.
  9. When is Payment Due?
    Payment is due at time of ordering to secure your place on the calendar. We
    accept debit, visa, mc.
  10. Do You Give Refunds?
    No refunds are given once your order is placed and paid for.